Tecmate Optimate Pro 4 Battery Charger
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Tecmate Optimate Pro 4 Battery Charger

SKU: 3807-0133
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  • Professional four-bank automatic six-stage charger initializes new sealed and filler cap batteries in one hour, plus desulfates and recovers neglected batteries - simply decide between a NEW or USED battery selection
  • Incorporates diagnostic checks and an automatic special recovery mode for deep-discharged (sulfated) batteries, making it suitable for all different types of powersports vehicle batteries
  • 4 Amps constant current for each of the four battery banks/stations
  • Three battery type selections: STD, Deep Cycle and MF for fully sealed, absorbed acid batteries
  • Automatic detection and recovery of deep discharged or sulfated batteries
  • Self-discharge test (following charging): voltage parameters set for the selected battery type
  • Can be used for long-term storage charging
  • Temperature-corrected testing and charging ensures accurate results and no damage to the battery
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  • 3807-0133
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  • 3807-0133
  • 3807-0036

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