Tecmate Pro-S Ampmatic
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Tecmate Pro-S Ampmatic

SKU: 3807-0055
$199.90 USD
  • A shop charger that initializes all sealed and filler cap batteries in one hour or less, and also desulfates and recovers neglected batteries
  • For all 12V batteries
  • Simply decide between a NEW or USED battery selection
  • Select NEW and battery receives the correct initialization charge
  • The USED program allows optional selection between three sizes of battery (1, 2 or 4 amp), and the rest is automatically done for you
  • The high voltage and pulsing recovery mode is able to save a neglected sulfated 12V lead-acid battery unable to accept charge from a standard charger
  • Battery power is optimized during bulk, absorption and cell balancing charge modes by the microprocessor-controlled AMPMATIC program, a unique feature that automatically ensures the battery receives optimal current every second, and then tests to verify charge retention
  • Automatic safety features include quick identification of a severely shorted battery, 12-hour maximum program for used batteries and electronic reverse polarity protection
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  • 3807-0055
  • 3807-0055

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